So many things are possible!


We can etch just about anything! Glass, wood, acrylic, leather, marble, granite, Hydro Flask, Yeti and more. We can etch flat surfaces and round, like a Hydro Flask. Our only exception is bare metal. The laser bounces right off of bare metal but if it's coated, like a Yeti, We can etch through that coating leaving a sharp, shiny result... and it looks great!




We can cut materials up to about 5/8" depending on the density. For example, We can cut foam tile quite easily while a 5/8" hardwood may be more of a challenge. We can cut just about anything but metal with our laser. Also, no PVC or ABS type plastics, they produce a nasty toxic gas! Testing is always an option. 


​We can assist you with your prepared designs or we can help create a design to your liking. We can also help with file conversions.